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Payment and refund

Payment and refund



In order to select payment for services using a bank card on the corresponding page of the site, you should click the button "Payment by credit card".

Payment is made through the Assist server with the usage of bank credit cards of the following payment systems:

In order to make a payment you should specify the following information:
● card number
● card expiration date
● name and surname of the cardholder
● 3-digit CVC code on the back of the card

By card you pay for consulting and information services of the company for language courses, secondary and higher educational institutions, language camps, preparation courses for entering the university, opening a visa. You can also pay a deposit for the selected course in the amount indicated on the site. The amount for the deposit is available to return within 3 days.


When returning, the money goes back to the card from which the purchase was made within 30 days, depending on the bank that issued the card. Full refund for consulting and information services is carried out only in the case of non-delivery of consulting and information services (i.e. after paying no work with the client on registration for the course, selection of accommodation, selection of air tickets, communication with the educational institution, provision of a list of documents for a visa, the filling of visa application forms, no entries to the embassy or visa center have been made). Partial refund can be made in the case of a partial service.

The deposit can be returned only within 3 days after making the payment. After this period, the refund can not be made, because deposit payment means acceptance of the site’s working conditions.